A Look at the Current Hearthstone Meta Part 3

Wed 7th Jan 2015 - 7:28pm

Hey Everybody!

This is continuation of the series I have been doing about the Neutral Cards in Hearthstone: Goblins Vs. Gnomes. We first went over the commons and now we shall go to the Rares.

The rares for neutral cards are a bit lacking in this set, but there are enough to show how exactly the Neutral Rares have changed how people play.


This butler has you covered. He has okay stats, but in a deck that goes all out, it is a perfect fit. Trump has already built a Mage Deck centered around Jeeves and abusing his ability. The sad part is that you cannot play him too early or too late. He is a threat to your enemy, but also a benefit because he refills everyone's hand, not just yours. overall, he is a niche pick, but a totally wrthwhile investment in dust.

Lil' Exorcist:

This 2/3 taunter for 3 mana is pretty great. With how much Deathrattle there is right now, there is no reason why you shouldn't run even a one of in any deck that can spare the space. Imagine going against Warlock Zoo and dropping a 5/6 with taunt for 3. That will ruin anyoine's day for sure.

Kezan Mystic:

This card has lots of potential. With the small rise in Aggro Secret Paladin, this card would be a one-of in many decks that could afford the spot. It has decent stats as a 4/3 for 3, but it steals a secret and that can change a game, especially for zoo (because they have lots of low toughness creatures and have to play around board wipes all the time).


For Secrets Mage and Aggro Secret Paladin, this card has lots of potential. for 3 mana you get a 2/4 that is easily tauntable, but you get 4 health every turn you have a secret out. It isn't super good, but will be seen in play very soon.

(Warning: The following card is bad. Just bad.)

Target Dummy:

This 0/2 taunter for 0 is just so bad... Even though it is a mech, it is just bad. It won't ever see play in any tournament. If it does, I will buy 100 packs and keep everything in them, no disenchanting bad rares or epics or legends or commons. 

Thanks for reading guys and GLHF!



Scott Kazmi

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