A Look at the Current Hearthstone Meta Part 4

Wed 7th Jan 2015 - 11:37pm

Hey Everybody!


Last time we saw some of the Neutral Rares and now we are going to look at some of the EPICS!!!



This is a staple in any priest deck and has already gotten lots of play in decks by all the preist players out there. This card allows you to keep a card that you steal with shadow madness and it turns an okay creature into something potentially better. You just need to play things right and make sure you have a creature to recombobulate or else you will waste this wonderful effect on this 3/2 body for 2 mana.

Enhance-o Mechano:

This guy is completely awesome. Even though he is a niche pick, if you play zoo or tokens, you can win just by playing this card. Giving your stuff Windfury, Taunt or Divine Shield for 4 mana is insane, plus it is a 3/2 body to boot. There is almost no bad side to playing this card.

Piloted Sky Golem:

This card is so good and an essential part of any mech or druid deck. 6 mana and get a 6/4 with the potential of getting any 4 mana creature out there. It has great stats and gets you another body when he dies. There is no downside to this card (other than the dust cost). 

That is it for today. Tell us what you think about these picks and if there are any cards I forgot and why they are so good!

Thanks Everyone and GLHF!



Scott Kazmi

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