Poros Take Over the Howling Abyss

Tue 16th Dec 2014 - 8:06pm Gaming

Poros, the cute fuzzy creatures we love on the rift, are now an intergral part of the new and improved game mode for Snowdown this year. 

The game starts out with a ban phase, then a blind pick phase. Once in game, you are followed by two wonderful poros. These poros have no abilities, but you can throw them by using a summoner spell "Poro Toss/Dash". A poro is thrown in a line skill shot and stops at the first target hit, dealing true damage based on your level. When a target is struck, you can then dash to the target in the next 3 seconds. When an enemy champion is hit with a poro, your team earns a point. Once a team earns ten points, they summon the PORO KING!!!

The Poro King deals little to no damage, but he can tank the turrets very well. While the poro king is alive, you can use the summoner spell" To the King!" This ability will allow you to dash from anywhere on the map to the Poro King, like Rek'Sai's ultimate.

Other than that, it is set on the Howling Abyss.

There are summoner icons you can get from winning matches and you can get skins for your poro in game by purchasing a Poro summoner icon for 250 RP. The skins are Sadow Ilses, Dragon Slayer, Astronaut, Gentleman, and Battlecast.


Overall, This is an excellent game mode and it is super fun (even if youy play with a mousepad sQuishy).

So, Get out on the Howling Abyss and GLHF



Scott Kazmi

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