4.22 Current PBE Changes (Tenative) TL;DR

Tue 16th Dec 2014 - 8:36pm Gaming

Overall, the current PBE is a little weird, but the changes do allow for some enginuity from the pro players.

Some of us here at CCG think that some of the changes are uneeded, but that is for you guys to decide.

Here we go!

Ahri and Braum are getting new skins!

Ahri is more red and Braum is... more like Braum.

Alistar is getting a texture update so that he can milk all the champions in the league.

Poro wards are a thing and they are already out in the 4.21 patch.

They are Battlecast, Astronaut and Underworld.

Summoners Rift is getting a bit of an update.

Bases now have two new openings which make it easier to escape because only allies of that base can go through the openings.

This adds some good play, but also gives good vision to both teams so there is a bit of a tradeoff there.

Jungle items are getting a new look.

Zz'rot Portal is getting an update. (This is such a weird item...)

It does give good defensive stats, but it's active is still weird.

It spawns a portal at a target location for 150 seconds and every 4 seconds summons a voidspawn that travels down a lane. It then explodes and deals damage when next to an attacking structure, but ignores champions and other voidspawn.

I don't exactly know how to feel about this, but it seems like a good item if you are a little behind.

Dragonslayer Braum is getting a new indicator (this will fit his flavor way better).

After IEM, Guardian's Horn on Howling abyss got new keywords (Golden Arm of Kobe, Golden Bicep of Kobe, Horn, Horn of the ManWolf, and ManWolf)

Renekton's fury is seeing counciling.

When out of combat, the gator's rage falls by 4 per second rather than 2 per second.

Renekton also gains bonus fury while attacking champions and normal fury while is is not attacking champions.

There are various balance changes with champions. These changes do change the champs a bit, but it is way too long of a list for this article.

Trinkets are being changed. Farsight Orb and Ward trinkets are having reduced cooldowns to encourage people to keep these rather than just switching to Sweeping Lens when out of lane phase.

SMITE GOT BUFFED. It now runs on a stack system. You start with 2 stacks and then stacks have a 75 second cooldown and there is a 15 second cooldown between using stacks of smite.

And finally, because of some buffs to damage on Hunter's Machete, the jungle got health buffs. :(

Overall, the current changes are pretty great, but if you want more information, check out

So guys, with this information, get out on the rift, and GLHF.



Scott Kazmi

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