A Look at the Korean Meta (Support)

Tue 23rd Dec 2014 - 5:41pm Gaming

The Korean Meta has definitely had an impact on the world with their strategies, builds and team tactics since the beginning of eSports. Over the course of the seasons, we shall be taking a look at the current standings and evaluate how each team is doing in the current meta. Also, we will make a prediciton on who is looking to be the strongest team in Korea at the moment. Let's get to it!

This past week, OGN Preseason week 3 happened and it sent one team into a very startling lead against everyone else.

Currently, SKT T1 has a record of 9-1. Their only loss was to KT Rolster in Week 1. The match ended in a draw due to the structure of the OGN tournament. (In the OGN tournaments, each match consists of 2 games. If a team goes 2-0, they get three points. If each team wins a game, each team gets one point.)

SKT T1 is looking to be the best in the OGN circuit at the moment, but as we all know, these things can change.

In game, I main support and I have noticed in the Korean circuit that there are 2 supports that anyone picks for almost any team comp. These champions are Janna and Thresh. At first, I was thinking why not Nami or Alistar? Those champions have kits that are just as good as Janna or Thresh, may be even better... But if we look at their kits closely, we can see why teams pick these champions up as fast as possible in the early season.

Janna's kit just has great disengage and chase capabilities. Her passive is great (even though Rito nerfed all global passives in the game), her ult has great engage and disengage potential, and her shield CAN PROTECT TURRETS. Her W can be useful, but only in certain situations. her w can give really good chase potential, but it also can be used to kite for your carries and give that last little bit to get a kill.

Thresh's kit is what Blitzcrank wanted to be. He has great kite potential and also has excellent engage. If you can land a hook just at the right time, the kill potential is very high. his passive helps, but armor is still pretty good to build on him. I have seen many pro players build Relic Shield on him, but with the way that Relic Shield works, it is hard to use the charges on it so you are better off using Ancient Coin instead. You get more gold this way, plus you don;t have to worry about last hitting.

Overall, the Korean meta is looking to be good this year. I will be talking more in-depth about the meta as the season continues, but I want to know, what is your favorite support you have seen in the 2015 Korean season? Why is that your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below! 

Get out on the Rift you guys! GLHF!

(P.S. Since this is the first article about the preseason, please let me know what I can do better with these to make you guys more informed. Thanks a lot!)



Scott Kazmi

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