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Wed 31st Dec 2014 - 12:50pm Gaming

Good Morning Everyone!

The current expansion of Hearthstone has everyone head over heels with how much the cards changed how we view the game. If you would like to see a full list of cards fro the Goblins Vs. Gnomes expansion, please click here.

Now in each deck, there was one card from each class that boosted the power of that classes particular niche. These cards were very overpowered and i still view them as some of the best cards ever printed and I certainly hope one or two of them don't get nerfed for constructed play.

Druid: Recycle

This card is so much value in so many ways for many different decks. For 6 mana you are able to return a card to the deck. This deals with a problem on the board and makes a player waste a draw to get it back. (Wasting a draw is debateable, but that is why we have a comment section!) The mana cost does seem like much, but when you add a card to an opponent's deck, the consequences are severe in this game and that person may not get the card back until the end of the game or the next turn. I just hope that the opponent doesn't have a tutor that can get it out.

Hunter: Steamwheedle Sniper

This card makes Hunter into better mage. The ability to hit any target is insane in Hearthstone because of how many stipulations there are on targets and effectiveness. Steamwheedle Sniper says, "Hi. I am here to make sure your opponents day is ruined." The combination of Hunter's Mark and this guy allow for better trades and better removal for Hunter when you get into nasty situations. With Steamwheedle Sniper, there is no reason you should not use your Hero Power every single turn. This card is nuts at 2 mana.

Mage: Snowchugger

There is no reason why this card should not be in any Mage deck at this point in time. It's value is great and it is just a slightly smaller Water Elemental for 2 less mana, making freeze mage a possibility again. There are other cards that might be picked, but this one is the most consistent in terms of gameplay that was released.

Paladin: Muster For Battle/Quartermaster

Muster For Battle has insane value when it comes to constructed. You get 3 1/1's and Light's Justice for just three mana rather than 7 mana and three turns of using your hero ability. It adds this value to Light's Justice that no one saw before. Now trading is easier and you can swing the board more in your favor in the early game. When turn 5 hits and you still have a few guys on the field, Quartermaster is the best thing to drop when you either need to finish the game or turn things into your favor. Adding 2/2 onto 3 recruits is an insane thought because you go from a power of 3 to a power of 9 for 5 mana. Plus, you still get a 2/5 body on the field which isn't bad either.

Priest: Shrinkmeister

This card is insane. It allows for better trades in the early game, but in the late game, this card is a monster with Cabal Shadow Priest and all the other Mind Control effects at your disposal. Imaging, stealing Yesera in the end game when they need Yesera to win the game (best possible situation). This card has many possibilities and I don't see it leaving the meta anytime soon.

Rogue: Ogre Ninja

Now, I know what you guys are going to say, but the stats make this card a great value. A 6/6 for 5 mana that does have a large downside, but is able to stay on the field and present a huge threat to you opponent. If you are worried about it hitting the wrong enemy, just trade correctly beforehand and you won't have to worry about it hitting the wrong enemy.

Shaman: Crackle

This card has great value in the early game because it has great spot removal potential. For 2 mana, this card has great value (especially if you get the full damage). The only downside is only getting 2 mana on turn three which can hurt, but only if you play Shaman wrong (which I do all the time).

Warlock: Dark Bomb

I don't see any Warlock deck without this. It is an excellent card with insane value. Do I need to say anything else?

Warrior: Crush

Even though the cost says 7, I see it as 5 due to how easy it is to deal a damage to your own minions. Then you have an Assassinate in warrior which is great! The idea of just getting rid of a problem for as low as 3 mana is so good in Warrior because you can spend more mana on other things and hit face faster.


Overall, GVG changed a lot of things in the Hearthstone Meta (for now). Later on, I will expand more on the top 3 neutral cards and the top decks for the upcoming season. In the comments below, tell me your favorite card from GVG and why this card is so good!

Otherwise, have fun at the inn and GLHF.



Scott Kazmi

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