A Look at the Current Hearthstone Meta Part 2

Fri 2nd Jan 2015 - 5:51pm Gaming

Good Morning Everyone!


In the last article, I talked about the Class Cards that have changed the Current Meta. If you would like to read that article, Click Here.

Here, We are going to talk about the common neutral cards that are changing the meta as we know it.  this will be a series, so we will go in this order. First, we will go over commons, then rares, then epics, then legendaries and finally tokens/non-collectable cards. Let's get to it!

Common Cards:

Clockwork Gnome

This card is a staple in all zoo decks. Not only is it a 2/1 for 1 mana, but it gives you a great upside when it dies. Spare parts, as explained by Trump, are worth about 2/3's of a card. It has almost the same value as Loot Hoarder for one less mana so it could be debated that Clockwork Gnome is better than Loot Hoarder, but it is not worth replacing all your Loot Hoarders with these guys.

Micro Machine

This little bot packs a huge punch! In the early game, mid game or late game, the potential impact of this guy is huge! For 2 mana, you get a 3/2 on turn three, if your opponent doesn't deal with it on their turn two or three. This mech is just pure good.

Explosive Sheep

In Mage, this is a 4 mana board wipe. This is great for control decks and decks with high health creatures. The surge of zoo in the meta is pretty much countered by this one card because most zoo cards have a health of 1 or 2. This card sees play in any deck that is countered by zoo, so zoo players, watch out!

Piloted Shredder

For 4 mana you first get a 4/3, then you get, on average, a 3/2 that does something pretty cool. This card just has great value. 

Mechanical Yeti

This card should just be called "Better Yeti That is A Mech." not only do you get a 4/5 for 4 mana, but when it dies you get 2/3's of a card. There is no downside to this card.

Antique Healbot

This card is really good in Handlock and Paladin due to it's impact. you a get a 3/3 body for 5 mana, but it stalls your opponent a turn if you are pretty low. It is a good body, not a great body, but it has it's value and it sees play in only 2-3 decks because it is a niche pick, but a really good pick for that niche.

That is it for my view of Commons that have shaped the meta as we know it. Comment down below if you agree or disagree with any of my picks or if you have any to add to the list. Next time, We will be talking about the Neutral Rares, so please give suggestions and reasons for those suggestions down below. 

Find a seat and play some Hearthstone guys! GLHF!



Scott Kazmi

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